Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada is a non-profit support group for families of children with cancer.

Programs & Services

Through its many programs, Candlelighters provides assistance for quality-of-life issues that are a large part of the childhood cancer experience, including disease-specific education and emotional support. In certain circumstances, Candlelighters also offers families much-needed financial support. Some of the most vital services Candlelighters provide include:


Patient Advocacy Program

Working with the medical team and other community agencies, Candlelighters can support a family in receiving the best medical treatment by:
Coordinate insurance benefits ·  Provide disease specific information Coordinate treatment plans with physicians, nurses and social workers

Travel for Treatment Program

Children diagnosed with cancer are fortunate to be able to receive the best possible care right here in their
community under the direction of our local Pediatric Oncologists. Second opinions, bone marrow or stem
cell transplant, the physician’s recommended treatment, or the parent’s preferences may necessitate out of state treatment. Candlelighters will help with the travel costs by providing assistance with airfare and/ or gas, lodging and food. Candlelighters can also provide assistance with local transportation needs, via taxi, for those families who do not have a way to get to doctor’s appointments or the hospital.

Emergency Assistance Program

After a child is diagnosed and the course of treatment begins, often the result is a long hospital stay for the child and missed workdays for one or both parents. Loss of work time, plus the costs of health care, frequently causes families financial distress. In these instances, Candlelighters helps lessen medical crisis burdens by helping families pay for living expenses such as rental, mortgage assistance, utilities and food.

Medical Expense Assistance Program

Medical bills for our families add up quickly and can be overwhelming for most. Co-payments alone may cost a family up to $250 per week depending on the child’s course of treatment. Candlelighters will provide assistance for out of pocket medical expenses for co-payments of doctor’s visits and prescription medications.

Family Counseling

A childhood cancer diagnosis and its aftermath can be devastating for the child and his/her entire family, but medical insurance does not always cover the cost of counseling. Candlelighters will help families cope with psychological burdens by offering service and support for professional counseling services.

Support Group & Activities Offered by Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada

  • Teen Scene
  • Parent Helping Parents
  • Art Parties
  • Bereavement Support
  • C-YA
  • Scrapbooking