Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada is a non-profit support group for families of children with cancer.

Board of Trustees

Here is a list of our Executive Committee:
Robert Torres – President of the Board
Lisa Santwer – 1st Vice President
Matt Cook – 2nd Vice President
Carrie Bradley- Treasurer
Liz LaMonica ** – Secretary
And our Board of Trustees:
Avi Dan-Goor - Trustee
Justin Brown – Trustee
Chet Buchanan – Trustee
Corey Eschweiler – Trustee
Anthony Golden – Trustee
Jason Goudie – Trustee
Scott Gragson † – Trustee
Steven Haynes – Trustee
Annelisa Polk ** – Trustee
Todd Radwanski ** – Trustee
Vincent Schettler † – Trustee
Elizabeth M. Sorokac - Trustee


* Childhood Cancer Survivor
** Parent of Childhood Cancer Survivor
*** Relative of a loved one affected by cancer
† Cancer Survivor